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Early Years

Dec 1988

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Born in Thessaloniki, Greece. 2.4 kilos cute baby. :)
Jun 2003

B2 in English

Successfully pass examination and obtain B2 Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) from University Of Cambridge.
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Jun 2006

Graduate Highschool

Graduate "Technology and Engineering Education" (TEE) of Eleftherio-Kordelio, Thessaloniki, Greece.
  • Department: Computer Engineering
  • Degree mark: 16.7/20
  • education, degree, Thessaloniki
    Aug 2006

    Sold my First Webpage

    In the summer of 2006 I made my first money by designing and developing a website for a local screen printing company "europrint"
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    Sep 2006

    Developed the first version for "Xirotechniki" website. A site for selling photocopier machines and expendable products. Now, ended up being one of the biggest and high ranked (first for Thessaloniki) on google and providing solutions for office machines in general.
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    Jan 2008

    Moving to Kavala

    Moving for bachelor studies to one of the prettiest cities in eastern Macedonia.
    Jan 2008

    Euro Coins Collection Tracker

    Implement a euro coin collection system to keep track of the progress. (Looking like a good old spreadsheet)
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    Mar 2009

    10day Festival webpage

    The TEI of Kavala hosts a annual 10-day festival for 25+ years. This festival takes place because of an open and self-organised group of people that changes thoughout the years (Very proud to be part of it, you should check it). For it's needs I created the website that was mainly a photo gallery archive and a forum to share media was created back then.
    On top of that, I was streaming the stage, during the shows through a terrible webcam. Cool but unfortunately it's not online any more.
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    Jul 2009

    Custom Cloud Desktop

    An expirimental project for a cloud desktop with basic filesystem, a multimedia player, images viewer, notepad and a minesweeper game. Hosted in a shared SunOS server "somewhere" in TEI of Kavala. :)
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    Apr 2010


    Total design and development of a website for a local flower business. Current status: offline :(
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    May 2011

    Bachelor's Degree

    Graduate the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology
  • Department: Information Management
  • Degree mark: 7.54/10
  • education, degree, Kavala
    Nov 2011 - Jul 2012

    Military Service

    Service as an infantry soldier in Thiva, Didymoteicho and Asprovalta.
    military, Thiva, Didymoteicho, Asprovalta

    Self employed

    Work as a freelancer, pay per hour for small website projects and for a webservices company in Thessaloniki, Greece

    PS.1 Never again.
    PS.2 See 2015. šŸ¤£
    Apr 2013

    Work as a developer for Allegria

    Work as a senior developer, for a web mobile design and develop company in Kavala, Greece

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    Allegria's Websites

    Occupied with front-end and back-end programming for self oriented but also for clients.
    Ī™ndicative websites
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    Allegria's Browser Game

    At some point, we were assigned to create a web-browser game for a european event that promotes playground activities. We focused on the hide and seek game and created a variation of Pac-Man!
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